Youth Grants: Natasha’s Laos and Thailand Trip

Natasha Ockenden received a Youth Grant in 2013 to participate in a World Challenge expedition to Laos and Thailand last December. Her story is inspiring.

Natasha-OckendenIn Natasha’s application, she wrote: “I have always had the urge to prove that deaf people can do anything hearing people can. We are just as capable of achievements and overcoming obstacles. I wanted a challenge that would enable me to see a broader perspective of the world far from the comforts of my own home and that would make me more environmentally and culturally aware, as well as giving back to the communities I am visiting via the community service project and testing my own capacity in the expedition trek. On a personal level I wanted to grow in the life skills offered in this challenge such as planning financially as a group, living independently, working harmoniously as a team and overcoming difficulties we face through problem solving. The World Challenge trip will give me the opportunity to enhance skills needed to make the most of my life and to be the kind of person who makes a difference, wherever they are in life.”

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