Youth Grants: Izaac’s Riding School for the Disabled

Izaac applied for a Youth Grant from Deaf Children Australia to help him realise his dream of opening a school for children with disabilities to learn riding and horsemanship. Izaac is inspiring in his determination to help other children who have similar experiences to his own.

izaacIzaac Brindley was born with a multitude of disabilities. He has a hearing loss, is unable to speak, has multiple health issues due to a bi-lateral cleft palate and other issues, requiring multiple surgeries which are ongoing to this day. He takes more medication than most people will see in a lifetime and needs daily injections. His mother was told he would never walk. Despite being in constant pain, Izaac always has a ready smile, is always up for a practical joke and works hard beside his best mate and carer, Michael Laffan.

Three years ago, Izaac’s biggest dream was to ride a horse in the local Anzac Day parade. So, with the help of three carers helping him on and off the horse and leading him through the parade, he achieved that dream. This year, Izaac rode his own horse, carried the Australian flag and led the parade. His sights are firmly set on becoming a professional cutting horse rider, and teaching disabled and underprivileged people to live the philosophy that has changed his life, ‘Learn to Ride, Ride to Learn’.

Riding for the Disabled has proven to be a valuable tool to increase self-esteem and self-confidence in young men and women with disabilities. However, Izaac feels it has remained a rather basic walk and lead program. Through suitable training with his best friend and business partner Michael, Izaac has been able to gain competition-level skills in the cutting area of cattle husbandry. Together, they aim to provide this same level of teaching to their clients to show that they too can gain high level horsemanship skills regardless of their disabilities.

Deaf Children Australia was thrilled to grant Izaac’s application which will provide his riding school with two GoPro wireless cameras and mounting equipment, four static mounted video cameras and a HD television for video playback. Izaac says, “I love taking videos and want to demonstrate and show others everything from basics on the ground with horses, learning from visuals. I have communication difficulties so visuals always help me. By taking videos we can sit back later and review lessons. This will hopefully support people and give them confidence while having fun and gaining friendship. I hope to share with others the pleasure and joy of achieving/competing , caring for and being around horses.”

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