Young Deaf Actress Millicent Simmonds in Teen Vogue


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    Millicent as Regan in A Quiet Place (Photo credit Jonny Cournoyer – © 2018 Paramount Pictures)

    A Quiet Place is a new feature film taking the world by storm. The horror film centres around a family in 2020, after the world has been devastated by creatures who are blind, but have exceptional hearing. Having grown up deaf and communicating in ASL, Regan is able to communicate with her family silently, which has allowed her and her family to stay safe. The whole dialogue is signed in ASL and captioned, so is “deaf friendly” by default! The main actress, 15 year old Millicent Simmonds, is Deaf, from a Deaf family and has seized the opportunity to champion signed languages and that deaf people can do anything they want to, telling her story to US Teen Vogue.

    “I hope our stories continue to give people an insight into something that maybe they didn’t understand before. I hope seeing people like me on screen inspires more people to chase their own dreams, and shows deaf kids anything is a possibility for them because I really don’t feel like my deafness was an obstacle or should be a big deal. I’m an actress. I’m also deaf. I like to read. There’s a lot more to me than just being deaf.”

    Read the full article on the Teen Vogue website.

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