YMCA Youth Parliament

YMCA Youth Parliament

Deaf Children Australia (DCA) and YMCA Victoria are pleased to announce our new partnership to progress our shared goal to empower young people to take active roles in their communities.

DCA mentor Tahlia and the Deaf Team having fun at their weekend away at Lake Dewar Lodge

Our first exciting initiative together is Deaf Children Australia’s involvement in the YMCA Victoria Youth Parliament. For the past 30 years, this program has given young Victorians between the ages of 16 – 25 a chance to be heard at the highest levels of State Government, on a wide range of issues that matter to young people.

A total of twenty teams with six participants each will receive training in public speaking and leadership skills at camp at Lake Dewar Lodge YMCA, as they research issues that they feel strongly about. From this research, the teams will work together to make a Bill, and debate this in Victorian Parliament. The training weekend will be held from 26 – 28 May and the week long residential camp, including 3 days of debate in Parliament House, will be from 2 – 7 July.

The Bills provide the Victorian Government with a greater understanding of what issues are important to young people. The Bill you help create could change Victorian law.

More than 25 pieces of State Legislation have come from the Youth Parliament, including:

  • Roadside Drug Testing for Drivers
  • Over the Counter Availability of the Morning After Pill
  • Mandatory Wearing of a Bicycle Helmet
  • Removal of Glass from Identified High-Risk Entertainment Venues
  • Gun Reformation Laws

Our 2017 team had a wonderful time at Parliament Week and passed their Public Transport Accessibility Bill. The team have continued to work with PTV after the conclusion of Youth Parliament to help inform accessibility for deaf and hard of hearing commuters. Our 2018 Youth Parliament Team has been assembled and we look forward to bringing you their stories soon!

Meet the 2018 Youth Parliament Team


Age: 19
What I do: Melbourne Polytechnic, Diploma of Auslan & Part-time work
Why I joined Youth Parliament? I love the idea of changing the world while improving the community especially the deaf community and I love meeting new people, doing new experiences and fun adventures.


Age: 24
What I do: Auslan interpreter & Swimming teacher
Why I joined Youth Parliament: I joined Youth Parli to show my support to the Deaf community, as they have given me soo much over the years and as a personal challenge for myself to step outside my comfort zone. Also I really like captions !!!


Age: 24
What I do: Exercise Science and Sport Management Student
Why I joined Youth Parliament: I joined the Deafhood team because it’s a great opportunity and a platform to voice the needs of the deaf community for equal access.


Age: 18
What I do: Year 12 VCE student
Why I joined Youth Parliament: I joined Youth Parliament after previous involvement as I know the benefits it has for not only the Deafhood team but all those participating as well as the opportunity to meet incredible passionate and like minded people.


Age: 23
What I do: Criminology Student
Why I joined Youth Parliament: Deafhood shows that deaf people can have a voice, Youth Parliament is an amazing platform to speak on, and the people in the program are amazing.

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