Volunteer Support at the German Auto Show Raises $1,900

Photo of four DCA Volunteers at the German Auto Show

DCA volunteers raised over $1,900 at the German Auto Show

On 26 August, the 2018 German Auto Show was held in the beautiful DCA grounds. There was a great turnout both of vintage cars and car lovers who came to admire the many gorgeous vehicles on display!

A huge thank you to the Volkswagen Club of Victoria for their event, and to our amazing volunteers, Brandon, David, Andrew, Cecily, Anthony and Lizzie who shook tins and collected much needed funds. The team raised over $1,900 which will go toward supporting deaf and hard of hearing children and their families. The DCA grounds can be a fantastic venue for markets, shows and other outdoor events! To enquire about hosting an event in the grounds, email info@deafchildren.org.au.

DCA is grateful to all the passionate volunteers who work with us in all areas of the organisation. In the past year, volunteers contributed approximately 6,800 hours to our organisation. This in-kind contribution is valued at over $224,000 – an amazing effort!

Volunteers at DCA do many different things, including:

  • Fundraising
  • Reception duties
  • Running BBQs and community events
  • Administration support
  • Helping at camps or recreation activities
  • Gardening and building maintenance

We particularly hope that  we can get some volunteers to help us with fundraising BBQs at upcoming events at DCA:

Deaf Market 10am – 3pm Sunday 23 September
Halloween 12pm – 4pm Saturday 27 October

If you are happy to help out on a BBQ at one of these events for a couple of hours, please let us know by Wednesday 12 September.

Email: fundraising@deafchildren.org.au

Are you interested in volunteer opportunities at DCA? Download a Volunteer Expression of Interest form, complete and send it to jobs@deafchildren.org.au, together with a copy of your current resume. We are always interested in recruiting new volunteers across all fields and welcome enquiries.

Panorama photo of the German Auto Show

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