Vital Need for Remote Services to Isolated Children Presented at AGM

The highlight of DCA’s Annual General Meeting on 27 November was the inspiring presentation by our services team who have been delivering the VidKids Program over the past eighteen months. This was a great demonstration of the skills and opportunities that our team is providing young people in remote areas of Australia, along with their families and their communities.

The team gave an interactive presentation using Skype to contact two of their current clients, Cate, a 14 year old student from Horsham, and Charles, an 18 year old indigenous student from Darwin. A video showed our work with Aingelica, an 18 year old student from the Philippines who is now living in Darwin. Through receiving Auslan tuition and mentoring, Aingelica has developed her language skills and confidence, and has now become connected to the Deaf community.

These presentations highlight the need for this remote service delivery model and show DCA’s capacity to address those needs for children who may live hundreds or thousands of kilometres from other service providers.


At the AGM, DCA also acknowledged Director Sue Madden who resigned from the Board. Sue was thanked for her commitment and support during her time as a Board member, noting in particular her contribution around financial matters.

A number of new Directors were elected and/or co-opted at, and following, the Annual General Meeting. We welcome Roz Keenan, Kerry Ferguson, Karen Cleave, Deb Stringer and Chris Penman and look forward to the opportunity to work with them further and harness their considerable talents.

Thank you for your ongoing contributions Paul Richardson, Peter Horn, Cathy Clark, Rebecca Ladd and Martin Ramadan. Paul Richardson has been reappointed as Chairman and Peter Horn as Treasurer.

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