UK Boy Asked To Remove Hearing Aids For School Photo


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    Alfie Durant’s story from the UK highlights how important it is for schools to encourage and support deaf children who have chosen to wear hearing aids or cochlear implants. This incident caused so much unnecessary distress.

    As they report in the Telegraph article, Alfie’s mum ‘became suspicious that something was wrong when Alfie refused to put his hearing aid on the morning after the school photo shoot.
    She said: “He said he was embarrassed to wear it in front of his classmates and he never had been before.
    “Then when his pictures came he wasn’t wearing it in them and he told me the school told him to take it off for the photo so he would look smart.
    “I phoned the school and spoke to the special educational needs officer who said they made a decision that I would want his aid off for the photograph.
    “I feel my son has been discriminated against because of his disability and would like people to know how he is treated.
    “Alfie suffers a lot with his condition but he is such a brave lad. He should be accepted as he is.”

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