Thanking Friends of the Elms For Their Support

Photo of four women standing underneath elm trees

Linda Hinchcliffe thanked Jennifer Marshall, Lou Dawson and Judy Ryles for their care of our Elm trees

Thank you to Friends of the Elms for their generous support of our magnificent Elm trees over the past few years. We were so pleased to have the chance to thank Judy Ryles, Lou Dawson and Jennifer Marshall from Friends of the Elms when they came to inspect the Elms and tour our grounds recently. We look forward to welcoming them back again for a bluestone building history tour with Jo Grigg, who has been our main contact at Friends of the Elms and another great supporter.

The Elms are almost 100 years old and generations of deaf and hard of hearing children have played under them. Friends of the Elms recently contributed $15,000 to remove the dead wood within our gorgeous Elm avenue. The previous year, they donated $3,000 for mulching.  As DCA’s Buildings and Grounds Supervisor Linda Hinchcliffe says, “This helps conserve moisture, eliminate weeds and keep the Elms healthy. The healthier the Elms, the more likely they are to be able to resist the Elm Leaf Beetle. Friends of the Elms also connected us with the City of Melbourne which has injected DCA’s Elms for Elm Leaf Beetle and has committed to continuing to protect them in this way. Another conservation management plan is about to be established for the continued preservation of our Elms.”

Friends of the Elms’ Judy Ryles told us, “Deaf Children Australia’s Elm trees have been cared for so well and they are in beautiful condition. They have a sense of history that we mustn’t lose. The main aim of Friends of the Elms has been to protect Elms from the Elm Leaf Beetle and look after the Elms of Australia because they are part of our heritage and we wanted to care for them for future generations. As local Councils have increasingly become aware of how to conserve the Elm trees, Friends of the Elms is now winding up and handing over the information and resources to Atlas of Living Australia. For more information, go to or

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