Thank you Ace Tennis Club

May 26 we held our monthly Ace Tennis Club event!

Ace Tennis Club is run by Deaf Children Australia and is sponsored by Tennis Victoria for deaf and hard of hearing children. The club runs events at Melbourne Park where the kids are provided with communication support to ensure equal access.

Tennis Victoria have recently committed to generously funding the Ace Tennis Club for the next 12 months, so there it’s lots of fun on the court coming up!

Parents have shared their feedback to thank DCA and Tennis Victoria for funding the Ace Tennis club. Aces Tennis club is supported by coaches Peter, Trevor, Stephen, Glen and Ben.

Communication support

Deaf and hard of hearing children can sometimes feel left out of sport because of communication barriers. Various techniques are used to help deaf and hard of hearing children understand instructions. At Ace Tennis club, communication support is provided to support children to feel included and ensure they don’t miss instructions.

“It gives our son the opportunity to learn a sport with children (and adults) like him, with coaches that know and understand how best to communicate with him. This means that he can just relax, have fun, and learn without worrying he has missed something, or doing it wrong.”

“Programs like this are a great opportunity for him to have fun learning a new sport, while seeing effectively communicate to him so he can get the best out of each session and not feel like he is missing out.”

“Having coaches, who are familiar with hearing loss, and the use of hearing technology such as microphones and receivers, also provides a benefit that he can get almost nowhere else.”

The Ace Tennis club is a great way for deaf and hard of hearing children and their siblings to participate in sport without barriers.

Great programs like Ace Tennis club and our other recreation activities can be covered in your child’s NDIS plan.  Recreation activities can be a great way to build connections and confidence.

The next Ace Tennis club will be June 30. You can register by contacting DCA at

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