SUP4DCA Finale Reaches $81,658 In Donations For Rural Outreach

The SUP4DCA finale was a fitting sendoff to an epic trek over land and water. Supporters and well-wishers joined Tom in Horsham on 5 August to hear about his exploits on the river and celebrate the journey coming to an end. The auctions and raffles on the night made SUP4DCA pass its original goal of $60,000 – then a surprise last-second donation pushed the total to over $81,658 for an incredible final result!

We wish to express our thanks to Brooke, who kindly donated her interpreting services to make the night accessible for Cate and other Deaf attendees. DCA Fundraising Manager, Noel, said: “Brooke not only helped provide access for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing people in the crowd, but also advocated for Auslan by normalising the use of Sign Language for the hearing community, which is so important.” Attendees also got to see what their donations helped to fund: a demonstration of a Rural Outreach session by DeafNT worker Vanessa, showing the technology used and how these vital supports make young deaf people feel they’re not alone.

Most importantly, we wish to thank Tom for this incredible effort (for planning and executing his dream, no matter what got in his way!), as well as Ash, his incredible support crew throughout the journey, and all who have supported along the way – whether it be a donation of money or items, sponsorship, an offer of a place to stay, or a kind word while passing on the water. This journey has been an incredible experience and will result in DCA being able to reach more young deaf and hard of hearing who are isolated and desperately need support.

We wish Tom all the best in his future adventures! To keep up with Tom, visit when it launches later this week.

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