Sound Scout: Hearing test app for School aged Children

Recently, the federal government announced funding for an Australian-developed app to test the hearing of school aged children.

The app is called Sound Scouts which is a tablet based game that can detect hearing loss in children. It has been validated by the National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) which is apart of the research arm of Australian Hearing.
The app is story based and requires children to respond to sound cues. The Sound Scouts app can identify three types of hearing conditions – sensorineural hearing loss, conductive hearing loss and listening difficulties in noise.

The app will be available for free from 2019 and run for up to five years, aiming for up to 600,000 Australian children aged 4-17 to have their hearing checked using the Sound Scout test.

Although there is a national hearing test to detect hearing loss at birth, it is hoped that the app will assist with detecting hearing loss after birth to assist children before they enter school. The app will also assist children who have limited access to audiology services.

For more information see the below links:

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