Sara’s World Challenge

Sara Weir applied for a Deaf Children Australia youth grant for her World Challenge experience to Cambodia and Vietnam. DCA funded an interpreter for the five week school trip, allowing Sara to participate like any other student. Below she shares her write-up and what she learned along the way.

“World Challenge provides educational school trips that inspire students to take on the world. Due to deafness, I need an interpreter to come with me for one month. Finding out that I needed to pay other few thousands dollars for my interpreter, one of my friend recommend me to ask Deaf Children Australia for the grants. I succeed, I would like to thank you DCA for this grants. Recently I just got home from the expedition, what can I say? It was the best experience I ever had. I experienced the poverty of Cambodia, and craziest traffic in the world which was Vietnam.

We changed Cambodia Rainbow Orphanages’s lives by helping them making three patch of concretes for road, the children who live there always smile everyday, they lights my day! I also was the lucky four people who went to Cambodia’s school and taught them basic English. I experienced working in team of 18 people which was a very large loud group, I usually work with small group because of my low confident, this expedition gave me the opportunity to be leader for full day and gain some confident. If there any opportunity like this I strongly recommend you put your hand up for this. No matter where it is, it will make your lives differently. You will realise our country Australia is one of very luckiest country in the world, compare to Cambodia. After this expedition, I set myself a goal which is getting a job while I turn 15 next months and save up to travel to Tanzania, in South Africa and hopefully I could work with children with poverty.

This expedition was very helpful for us in future as I learned that we don’t need parent to rely on cooking, washing, clean up and many more, at home I usually complain about going to food shopping with my mum because I prefer to be on wifi all day. Now I realised after looking at those Cambodian children, helping each other and then it will make your lives easier without complaining. Yes, I survived one month without phone. I came home, didn’t mind about Internet as I went to talk with my family about my journey. I also learned that you need to put your hands up and have a go with new things as I ate cricket, which tasted like burned nacho chip and I also ate frog legs and ostrich. Both was delicious except cricket! I learned many many things, with exciting and emotional experience. I lived with 18 hearing people for a month, at the start the communication was a bit barrier for me but then in few days it’s like, crazy! We understood each other, as I had to use my voice to communicate, it’s just amazing how people understand sign language just in few days. Something you may want to try in your life, go ahead and try many different things because life will be short!”
Watch Sara’s fantastic video here.


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