Sale of Portion of DCA Property to Wesley College


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    Deaf Children Australia (DCA) and Wesley College are pleased to announce the sale of part of DCA’s property located at 597 St Kilda Road, Melbourne. The area subject to the sale, and purchased by Wesley College, comprises part of the rear car park area only, which is currently accessible from High Street. Read the 11 June media release.

    The attached site map indicates the “Clear Title” land which is that part of our property subject to a sale agreement with Wesley College.

    As part of the agreement we have negotiated a leaseback agreement for the section of the Tradeblock building for a further 8 years as it is part of the lease agreement for VCD. In addition, we have agreed a right of way over the sold portion to enable entry and exit to the balance of the carpark we will continue to own. This agreement will extend until Wesley have plans approved to build on the site. It is expected that no major work will be undertaken within the next 7 years.

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