Deaf Children Australia has a long history of developing resources that benefit deaf and hard of hearing children, their families/carers and those who work with them. DCA Resources are designed to support deaf and hard of hearing children at home and at school, and to also support deaf and hard of hearing young people and adults at work.

Information Sheets

Information Sheets cover a wide variety of situations including at home, at school and general information about deafness and hearing loss. All sheets are available as English PDFs to print and as raw text to be translated in your browser.

Downloadable Resources

DCA offers downloadable Auslan resources that are free to use. Download our Auslan Fingerspelling Font to make your own Auslan resources, or our Auslan Alphabet Posters for use at home or at school. The Are You Being Heard? guide is also available for those looking for advice on supporting a deaf or hard of hearing child in educational settings.

Videos about Deafness and Hearing loss

Here are some videos explaining the way a deaf or hard of hearing person or child experiences the world around them, from lipreading to hearing loss simulators. All videos are the property of their original creators; for more information, please follow the video links.

Resources for Parents

Visit our resources for Parents to find out what services and information we have to support parents with deaf or hard of hearing children.

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