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    Deaf Children Australia is currently in the process of recruiting a new Chief Executive Officer. We have shortlisted a strong pool of candidates for interviews. The recruitment process is being handled by Brooker Consulting which has extensive experience in the not for profit sector and direct experience in the deaf sector.

    The selection committee is made up of four DCA Board members including parents of deaf children and members with strong links to the Deaf community. This committee is working with Brooker Consulting to shortlist candidates for interview, following which the recommended candidate(s) will be forwarded to the Board for the final decision.

    DCA has ensured the selection process has been open and transparent. In December, we notified stakeholders of the recruitment process through our e-newsletter. In January, the position was widely advertised in The Age, the Associations Forum for the not for profit sector, on DCA’s website, Facebook, Twitter and e-newsletter, and in Vicdeaf’s communications. Anyone interested in applying had ample opportunity.

    It is in DCA’s and all our stakeholders’ best interests to appoint the candidate who can lead the organisation to deliver on our new strategic plan. DCA is operating in a complex, challenging environment with many changes in the sector brought about by the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. DCA is also currently exploring colocation with Vicdeaf to enhance service delivery.

    To lead DCA at this time of transition, DCA needs a CEO with strong organisational leadership and strategic development experience, together with relationship building, community engagement, advocacy and communication skills. The successful candidate needs to have business development, financial management and income generation skills.  To have a fuller understanding of all the attributes we are looking for in our new CEO, you can view the position description

    DCA is an inclusive organisation committed to diversity in our workplace and to addressing disadvantage. Twenty four per cent of our staff are deaf or hard of hearing, a further ten per cent have other disabilities, 19 per cent are culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) and 16 per cent of our workforce are mothers rejoining the workforce and/or single parents.

    DCA is committed to creating a world where children and young people who are deaf or hard of hearing can achieve better life outcomes, and inspiring and enabling them to reach their full potential.

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