Quality Insurance Statement

Deaf Children Australia is a community governed, professionally managed, not for profit organisation, which delivers a range of support services to children and young people who are deaf or hard of hearing and their families throughout Australia.  These are our core clients.

Deaf Children Australia also undertakes other services such as employment services and management services. These are our consumers.

It is our intention to maintain, through our Quality Assurance System, a level of quality of services and reliability that will meet, or better, the expectations of our clients.

The achievement of our client’s needs and aspirations is the prime responsibility for all our staff and will be met by the achievement of our quality objectives.

Our staff’s involvement and dedication to quality ensures the maintenance of our reputation for ongoing satisfaction of our client’s requirements.

We aim to continually achieve compliance with the priorities and conditions of Board Governance Policies, current Government Funding Agreements, Government Acts and Standards and International Quality Assurance management requirements.

To this end, we have documented our quality management practices in a format to meet the Disability Services Act 1986, the Victorian Human Service Standards and the exacting standards of Australian New Zealand Standard AS NZ ISO 9001:2015

All staff are committed to this policy which provides the basis for our continued self-examination process which aims at achieving even higher standards for our client oriented service.

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