POD Picnic Victoria

The first event for the new POD group in Melbourne was great fun. Last Saturday, families gathered at DCA’s grounds for a barbecue and while the kids enjoyed face painting and games, the parents had a chance to chat and share experiences.

POD groups are supportive and welcoming networks of families who have a child or children who are deaf or hard of hearing. They are all-inclusive and do not value one communication method, culture, or technology over another. POD gatherings are all-inclusive fun family activities and all family members are welcome.

If you are interested in joining the Melbourne POD group, contact Neshwa on 0411 897 693 or email helpline@deafchildren.org.au

If you would like to start up a POD group in your own area, DCA can publicise the group, promote activities, and provide insurance and other support. Contact DCA’s Helpline by email or on 1800 645 916 to discuss.

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