Play Me I’m Yours – Piano Project with Rosanna Golf Links Primary School


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    DCA has enjoyed a long partnership with Arts Centre Melbourne to help make events more accessible to deaf and hard of hearing children. When ACM reached out to us to find someone to decorate a piano for the 2018 Play Me, I’m Yours Piano Project, we linked them with Rosanna Golf Links Primary, who designed an incredible piano featuring flowers and butterflies for the interactive outdoor exhibition! Their wonderful piano was on display at the Main Lawn, Arts Centre Melbourne until 4 February.

    Read the statement from Rosanna Golf Links Primary School below:

    “Rosanna Golf Links Primary School is a mainstream primary school with over 500 students. What makes us special is our contribution to the deaf community, as we have a deaf facility with more than 30 children.

    “Our piano design came from our deaf facility students from Foundation to Grade 6. The main statement they wanted to include was butterflies, as they are used to symbolise deafness worldwide.
    The astro turf was recycled and the flowers all donated by families from our school to represent our Rosanna Golf Link Primary School’s commitment to sustainability and community.”

    See the details of the Main Lawn piano here. To learn more about the Piano Project, visit the Arts Centre Melbourne website.

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