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NDIS Video 4: What is covered by the NDIS? Part one

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NDIS Video 4: What is covered by the NDIS?

The NDIS helps people to participate in everyday life. It allows participants to access a wide range of supports from Auslan to technologies. 

Supports that can be accessed through the NDIS include:

Skills to help you be independent and part of community life. This includes things such as computer skills, travel training, budgeting and independent living skills, supports such as Auslan interpreting, live captioning, or note taking for events, activities and appointments to help you participate and to increase access.

Supports to help others understand your needs, for example, Deaf Awareness Training or Auslan training for other people in your family, friends or partners.

Equipment that helps you in everyday life such as an Ipad to access captioning or a captioned telephone.

Work experience and employment training, which will be available through the School Leaver Employment Supports or SLES

And assistance to participate confidently at work.

You could use the NDIS to have Auslan interpreting at your sports training or important family events like your party or Christmas celebrations, to fund equipment like a deaf friendly alarm clock, fire alarms or doorbells, or to access therapeutic support such as mentoring or counselling.

These are just suggestions of things you might like to access. There are many other kinds of supports available under the NDIS and a good place to ask around for advice is other families or deaf and hard of hearing people with NDIS plans.

They will have a wealth of knowledge to help you with your pre-planning.

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