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NDIS Video 3: Who can apply for the NDIS?

Who can apply for the NDIS?

You may be able to apply for and receive individual support through the NDIS if you have a permanent disability which significantly affects your communication, mobility, self-care or self-management.

In order to access the NDIS you must:

  • Have a disability that affects your ability to participate in everyday activities – this includes being deaf or hard of hearing.
  • Be an Australian citizen or have a permanent residence special category visa

  • Be under 65 years of age

  • Have a permanent bilateral hearing loss of either 90 decibels or above with an audiogram in the better ear.

If you or your child is 90 decibels or below, you will need more supporting documents to show that your hearing loss affects your
ability to participate in everyday activities.

  • Deaf blindness confirmed by an ophthalmologist and audiologist and assessed as resulting in permanent and severe to total impairment of visual function and hearing.

An assessment of eligibility will depend on your location and age and whether you meet the requirements for disability or early intervention support.

The NDIS is being rolled out progressively. When the NDIS is available in your area you may be able to apply. Go to the NDIS website to find out more about the scheme and when it is in your area.

The link to the roll out information is listed below

To check your NDIS eligibility and understand if you meet the requirements to receive funding, you can use the NDIS My Access Check List.
The link to the tool is listed below.

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