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NDIS Video 2: What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme, or NDIS, is a new system for disability support in Australia. It has revolutionised the way people have accessed and used supports. By giving the funding to you, it puts the choice and control back into your hands. It’s designed to promote wellbeing and empower participants to participate fully in community life.

Every individual has different needs and the NDIS works to recognise this difference.

Different supports are available through individualised plans established for each NDIS participant.

These supports are determined through an assessment of yours or your child’s individual needs including the needs for now and for future development and wellbeing.

The NDIS works differently to past support services because individuals control what supports they access. Previously the government allocated block funding to organisations like Deaf Children Australia to deliver services. With the NDIS, participants have their own support budgets that they can use to purchase services from different providers who best meet their needs.

This means individuals have the opportunities to access specific services that matter the most to them.

Check out our website for a more detailed understanding of the NDIS.

The NDIS website has great resources too.

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