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NDIS Video 12: Early Intervention

You may benefit from early intervention supports. These supports may also be provided by the Early Intervention Partners within the NDIS and can provide substantial help with achieving developmental skills.

There are four broad requirements to be met for early intervention.

  1. The child has a disability or multi disabilities that are likely to be, or are, permanent.
  2. The NDIS is satisfied that by providing early intervention, the child’s needs for future support will be reduced.
  3. The NDIS is satisfied that early intervention will work to reduce the impact of the disability and improve the capacity and supports for the child into the future.
  4. The NDIS is satisfied that funding the child through the NDIS rather than other systems of healthcare is the correct pathway.

For example, if your child has a sensory loss, including hearing loss, which impacts on the development or language and social skills, you may access support through Early Childhood Partners (NDIS).

For a more detailed understanding of early intervention requirements, follow the link below to section 25 of the NDIS legislation.

You can also refer to our legislation and language document via the link below

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