Message of Support for LGBTIQ+ on R U OK? Day


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    On R U Okay Day, when everyone is encouraged to be mindful of the need to connect with family members, friends and colleagues and extend support, we want to acknowledge how the marriage equality debate may be affecting those around us.

    We are aware the debate may be impacting on some deaf children, young people, their families and community members. We want to very clearly express our support for you all.
    For those who have diverse sex or gender identities (lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, trans or intersex – LGBTIQ+) we want to let you know that Deaf Children Australia stands beside you. We also support you to seek help if you need it and assure you that DCA is a place where you will be supported.

    We remind you that there is support available through the services listed below and encourage you to speak with us, your support networks, or trusted others if you feel the need. – clck on the link and it will take you to the home page. There is an option to click on ‘Online chat’ for webchat.

    Call: 1800 184 527 | Chat online:QLife Webchat | 3pm – 12am every day





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