Latest News on Defunding of Deaf Australia and the Deafness Forum of Australia


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    Following the defunding of the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations, Deaf Australia has now announced they ‘will NOT close. Deaf Australia will return to pre-1992 where the organisation is fully voluntary.’

    Matthew Wright, CEO of the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations, was interviewed on Radio National on 5 January to discuss the funding cuts to disability advocacy organisations including Deaf Australia and Deafness Forum of Australia. These organisations were advised just before Christmas that they would no longer receive Federal Government funding.

    For more details, listen to the Radio National interview.

    Read the letter from Deafness Forum of Australia’s Chair David Brady.
    Read Deaf Australia’s statement on the future of the organisation.

    The Sydney Morning Herald also published a piece from the former federal disability commissioner, Graeme Innes, on the new cross-disabilty peaks. Click here to read more.

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