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What is the National Auslan Interpreter Booking and Payment Service?
NABS provides Interpreters at no personal cost for people who are deaf and hard of hearing when they attend medical appointments.

Who is eligible to receive this service?
Deaf and hard of hearing people who use sign language and would like an interpreter for private medical appointments can receive this service. The service is for sign language users and their medical practitioners and a variety of other providers of therapies.

Where is this service available?
NABS will provide interpreter service Australia-wide, although it office is based at the Wesley Mission, in Brisbane.

Who pays for the service?
The Department of Family and Community Services funds the service.

How can I access the service?
You may check with NABS about the availability of an interpreter before you make your appointment with the doctor. You make a booking with NABS, and they organize an interpreter to attend your appointment.

Can I choose my preferred interpreters?
The NABS Auslan Interpreter booking service will make all reasonable efforts to provide an interpreter based on the Auslan user’s preference.

Is there a time limit for my appointment?
A regular appointment may be up to 1½ hours. Appointments in excess of two hours will be in exceptional circumstances only. Extensions of time can be negotiated with NABS.

What level of skill will the Interpreters have?
Only NAATI accredited interpreters at Para-professional (formerly level 2) and Professional Interpreter (formerly level 3) levels are to be contracted and used by the service.

Can I use the service for my deaf child, although I am not deaf?
The booking service will include interpreting services for both deaf adults and deaf children. It will include situations where there is a deaf adult and a hearing child or a hearing adult and a deaf child attending a private medical consultation. It will also provide interpreters for deaf/blind people.

When can I make a booking?
NABS will operate nationally between the hours of 8am and 8pm, Monday to Friday, excluding all national Public Holidays. However, you can make a booking on the Internet at any time. The site is

What if I have to cancel or defer my appointment?
If a medical practitioner becomes unavailable to attend an appointment or if you suddenly need to change the appointment time, you must notify the NABS booking clerk immediately.

Which medical services are included in this service?
The following services can receive free interpreter service for 1.5 hours (longer by negotiation if needed).
GP and Specialist Chiropractors
Mental Health Workers
Occupational Therapists
Speech Pathologists
Family Planning/Sexual Health Gynaecology/Obstetrics/IVF
Medical Imaging
Aboriginal Health Workers
Podiatrists or Chiropodists

How can I contact the service?
Phone (V) 1800 24 69 45
Fax 1800 24 69 14
TTY 1800 24 69 48
SMS 0427 671 261
Web booking form:
Mobile: NABS App

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