2015 Young Australian of the Year Drisana Levitzke-Gray presenting to students at DCA’s Student Forum.

DCA aims to provide easily accessible information for young people, families, carers, teachers and the wider community to educate and assist with making informed choices. We highlight deafness and disability issues and promote awareness of deaf friendly events. We strive to make it easier for the wider community to embrace the needs of deaf children and provide better access and opportunities for inclusion.

In addition to direct client services, DCA provides additional support and information through:

  • Our website
  • Information sheets which cover hearing loss, family communication and education resources.
  • NDIS Services page including videos explaining the NDIS and how to apply.
  • Flying Kites which keeps families and professionals in touch with personal stories, sector news, our program outcomes, upcoming events and more.
  • Social media (Facebook)
  • National helpline, which aims to address the information and support needs of parents, carers and professionals working with children who are deaf.
    Phone: 1800 645 916
    Email: helpline@deafchildren.org.au
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