“I love being me, I love being deaf…”

This is an inspiring message for children and young people who may be experiencing tough times growing up deaf or hard of hearing… This post from ‘Darling Becky’ was extremely popular when we shared it on Facebook so we thought you might also like to see it.

“I love being me, I love being deaf… yep I do.

I love the fact that I am my own person and there is no one else like me. I love how my deafness resembles me as I am. I love how my deafness made me as I am today.

Growing up was shxx I can tell you that but it made me as I am today and I am grateful for that experience to evolve me as me.

If I didn’t experienced those things, who knows what I would be like today and I think I wouldn’t like me then.

To be me, I need to have those experiences, I had to feel emotional pain, I had to have physical pain, I had to be reject and neglect, I had to be bullied, I had to be uncommunicated, I had to be isolated and I had to do things that are not appropriate.

It was the only way I could become me…

I love how I see life and see beauty in everything. I love how I see something negative and change it into a positive. I love being challenged and how I had to shred tears to understand. I love seeing a small butterfly and feel a spirit is nearby. I love seeing ‘invisible’ things…

Being deaf, silenced my world yet brings out my vision and motivation. Being deaf gives me an insight to knowledge that been unexplored. Being deaf makes me a valued person of a unique minority community.

I own a language of my own and shared with my people. I am a part of a diversity and a rich culture. I have friends all over Australia. I, me is somebody special.

Being deaf makes me feel amazing, whole, alive and I am so inspired to change everything. Being a deaf mother is a precious gift and having that gift is awesome.

My bubble as me is huge and bright like mirror balls shining everywhere. My laughter is contagious and I love how I find little things funny, I love to laugh and laugh loudly.

I love to hug and hug tight…. I love to share a coffee and chat about things unheard of…. I love being among my people in a gathering and watch us with gleams in our eyes…. I love seeing facial expression and body language change with signing…. I love being in awe.

I just love being me… I just love being deaf…. I love having deaf values.

Life is so much better when I look inside me and see all the glory things about me…. and I love how I look back to see how far I have ‘travelled’ to be where I am today.

Being deaf does not make me a lesser person, in fact…. it makes me a better person and I am me as I am.

DB xoxo

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