Hearing Aids Are The New Black

Victorian Hearing’s advertisement which appeared on trams in Melbourne.

Deaf Children Australia has been pleased to support the #HearingAidsAreTheNew Black campaign which aims to be a positive response making everyone feel better about their hearing aids after Victorian Hearing’s inappropriate advertising campaign.

We were very concerned that these ads sent the wrong message to deaf children whose self-esteem may have been impacted. They had the potential to make the struggle more difficult for parents who are trying to encourage their children to wear hearing aids. Thankfully, the campaign has ended.

DCA’s Family Support Worker Alice Brennan appeared in this Channel 7 News clip together with Sophie Li, Mai Bryant Kelly and Marnie Kerridge.

Mum and campaigner Tamara Trinder-Scacco who is deaf and has a deaf daughter said she felt, “These ads would pull down our children’s self esteem. It’s hard enough in life accepting their deafness and having to deal with all sorts of barriers without saying their hearing aids are ugly. It could crush their confidence. It’s also saying it’s shameful and embarassing to wear these hearing aids. There were so many mixed messages in that ad which wasn’t well thought out. It was disrespectful and demeaning.”

Well done to everyone involved for the counter-campaign‪‬! Deaf Children Australia is meeting with Victorian Hearing to discuss their campaign and future advertising campaigns in the hope that they will consult appropriately and produce more sensitive, appropriate campaigns which reduce the stigma of wearing hearing aids, rather than potentially exacerbate it.

The campaigners said ‘‪#‎HearingAidsAreTheNewBlack‬ was set up as a positive response and call to action in response to the negative ad campaign that was being run in Melbourne by Victorian Hearing. This is an amazing possibility to show the world how to exhibit something in a
positive light and encourage acceptance.’

They are asking people to post a picture of yourself proudly wearing your hearing device or a pic of your creative use of the hashtag…

They have asked everyone to ‘make a donation to a Deaf organisation of your choice and nominate 3 people to keep the ball rolling!’ They added, ‘Let’s be proud. Let’s advocate for awareness for the most invisible disability there is. Change is upon us and we are the ones who can make it happen. BE PROUD!’

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