Get Your Own Hearing Aid Doll with Toy Like Me!


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    Toy Like Me, a parent advocacy group for diversity in toys, has inspired the toy industry to get on board and produce dolls with disabilities for kids to relate to. The group has petitioned Disney, Playmobil and other large companies to create a wider range of characters with different abilities.
    Makies, a UK company who produce made-to-order custom 3D printed dolls, have jumped on board with hearing aids and canes now available. A wheelchair is also in development and custom birthmarks will be available in the future. The team are also taking suggestions for new accessories to hopefully expand their range! Congratulations to Makies for encouraging inclusivity and joining the movement. The Makies team have also shown their dedication to the cause with cochlear implants and insulin pumps now in the works!

    Visit Toy Like Me’s Facebook page for more information on the movement and to view petitions. To design a Makie, go to



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