Services for Families

Brooke and her mum Tanya came along to the Family Camp to meet other deaf and hard of hearing children and young people, as well as their families.

In our engagement with families throughout their journey following diagnosis, we support their knowledge of deafness and the pathways they may choose to travel. We aim to boost their confidence as advocates for their child and ensure that families have access to support and learning opportunities.

We provide:
•    Individualised advocacy and support to assist families in enabling their children to achieve their educational, social and emotional goals
•    Information for families to enable them to make informed decisions on behalf of their child
•    Opportunities  for families to connect with other families raising deaf children through arts, sports, recreation and camp based activities
•    Mentoring programs facilitating opportunities for parents of a recently diagnosed child to meet other parents who have raised children who are deaf, as well as opportunities to meet successful adults who are deaf
•    Information and skills development workshops to equip parents with the knowledge and confidence to advocate for the needs of their child
•    Support for  the establishment and information needs of local parent support groups to create a sense of community, and help build resilience and confidence amongst families who share similar journeys
•    Financial assistance through a range of grants programs

Parent mentoring

Parent support groups

Parenting workshops

Parent consultations

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