Deafness and Mental Health Survey


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    Child and Youth Mental Health Service (CYMHS) is conducting a project on Deafness and Mental Health of deaf children and young people and are seeking participants from all around Australia to complete their survey.

    This questionnaire is for
    • carers/parents of deaf infants, children, young people
    • deaf children and young people
    The questionnaire contains statements and questions to which you will respond on scales (e.g. agree/disagree; important/unimportant).

    There are also multiple choice options where you can select more than one answer.

    CYMHS would like to know what difficulties deaf children and families face when trying to get help.

    Your responses will help to identify what current services provide, what people do/do not know and how we can work together to improve future mental health care.

    The survey can be completed on the SurveyMonkey website.

    If you wish to provide further information or would like to get into contact about the project, please email
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