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    DCA was proud to sponsor the Deaf Mental Health Bushwalk run by Karli Deaf Health. Here is a recent update on the great things the funds went towards sent out by Simon Anderssen. It is wonderful to see the money raised making such important strides into deaf mental health research! For more information, email Karli at

    Two Bays Trail Challenge – what happened?

    I guess by now some of you might have recovered from the Two Bays Trail walk last December? No more visits to the physio?
    So how much money did we all raise? $5,000 – well done everyone! Thanks also go to our sponsors above who make the walk possible.

    The $5,000 has been busy this year. Ashleigh Wallach kick started the research and did some great work on it, and now Melissa Lowrie (Deaf Victoria) and Gary Kerridge are now running with the research ball.  A lot of things have been happening and it’s great to see momentum picking up

    As a result of starting the research, there has been a grant awarded of $20,000 to organise a conference on 16 and 17 November about mental health and Deafness, a fantastic outcome.  We will discuss the research outcome too.

    Furthermore, Sandra Spadea who works for Karli got some funding to support her studies in Mental Health Certificate 4 so we have been rather lucky this year. We don’t think we will do another fundraiser bush-walk event this year. But our regular Deaf bushwalking is still going this year, so if you want to join the mob again, email to get on their email list. The next walk is this Sunday at Mt. Evelyn.

    If you want to hear more about what’s happening in the mental health and Deafness space, please email Karli at

    Hope all of you have been doing more bushwalking this year.

    Happy Trails!
    Simon Andersson

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