Deaf Dog Hush

Seven month old Hush was born deaf and is now learning Auslan.

When Hush was just a puppy, she failed the audiogram test and was considered unsuitable for a career as a working dog on a farm. She was given up to Australian Cattle Dog Rescue and was lucky enough to find a new home with Echo Interpreting director and interpreter Danielle Don. Hush and Danielle visited Deaf Children Australia recently where Hush showed off her understanding of loads of signs such as ‘no’, ‘good girl’, ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘food’, ‘toilet’, ‘come’ and ‘play’.

Danielle says, “Hush is still destroying everything because she’s a pup but she’s learning sign quickly and learning everything well.”

Hush loves playing with the cats and the other dog at home, and curls up to sleep with them as well. She has made lots of friends, including two other deaf dogs, at the enclosed dog park where she is safe to run off lead. Her best friend there is a Pomeranian called Evie. Hush is also learning at puppy school where, coincidentally, one of the trainers has a deaf dog as well.

Hush may not have been viewed as a conventional working dog on the farm but she has made the perfect pet!

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