Deaf Doctor Proves Deaf People Can Do Anything!


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    Doctor Philip Zazove is deaf. When he was young, his parents were told he would never have a successful career because of his hearing loss. Luckily, Philip’s parents refused to believe it and now he is one of the first deaf physicians to be certified in the United States. As well as his family practice, Philip mentors young deaf and hard of hearing physicians in training. He says, “My life has been a wonderful journey. My parents made all the difference by refusing to believe my hearing loss was an insurmountable barrier.”.

    Click here to read CNN’s article on Philip and his passion to help the deaf and hard of hearing.

    DCA created the “Deaf People DO Have Interesting Jobs!” videos to show exactly this – that deaf people do have a wide range of careers and love what they do! Check out the original video below or visit our YouTube page.

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