DCA Rural Outreach: Creating Valuable Connections

Brooke (left) and Nicollette were so excited to finally meet at the Caribbean Rollerama.

Deaf Children Australia supports deaf and hard of hearing children, young people and families all over Australia through our Rural and Remote Outreach services, where they connect with support workers/mentors to share experiences, receive advice and support, develop Auslan skills or enhance effective family communication. The support clients receive from their support workers can be invaluable, especially for those who do not have access to deaf role models in their local areas.

Nicollette, one of our Youth Workers, has been supporting Brooke – who lives in rural Victoria – for over a year now. They connected through regular Skype sessions but they had never been able to meet in person. Nicollette is deaf herself, which means she can relate to Brooke’s experiences and support her on a personal level. Last week at the Winter School Holiday Program, they finally got to meet and spend time together in person! Check out this sweet photo of Brooke and Nicollette together having a blast at our Roller Skating day.

Some of our rural clients are supported by DCA through their NDIS plans, providing them with opportunities to participate more fully in the wider community. As well as supporting NDIS participants directly, we can also help with setting up plans and figuring out the goals you want the NDIS to help you achieve.

Learn more about DCA NDIS supports: https://deafchildrenaustralia.org.au/ndis
Get in touch with us: ndis@deafchildren.org.au

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