DCA Receives Historical Book Gift From Past Student

Recently, DCA received a special gift from a family member of a student who attended the School for the Deaf in the 1920s. Archibald Cunningham, known as Sam to his family, received this book, “Holiday Pictures”, at Christmas 1928 as a First Prize reward for “general improvement”. Sam was a student at our school from 1927 until 1934, having become partially deaf due to whooping cough. He was admitted as a daily boarder at aged 5 ½ and paid 5/- (shillings) per week for his education. Upon receiving the book we were delighted to spot Archibald’s name written on the front cover – see the photo in the slideshow below!

DCA extends its thanks to Mary Adler, second cousin of Archibald, for offering us the book for our collection. DCA is always pleased to receive items of historical relevance for our archives, which currently include hearing devices, books, furniture and other items from the school’s 155-year history. If you would like to donate a historical item or let us know of one, please contact noel.henderson@deafchildren.org.au

To see other items in the DCA History Collection, visit the Victorian Collections website.

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