DCA Launches Parent to Parent Program in Victoria


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    DCA is delighted to announce that our popular Queensland program, Parent to Parent, is now available statewide in Victoria!

    Someone who understands

    Photo of Davie and his parentsAfter learning your child is deaf or hard of hearing, you may have many questions.

    Deaf Children Australia (DCA) can help through our free services – Parent to Parent Program, National Helpline and Information Services.

    It can be reassuring to speak with another parent who has travelled a similar path, and can provide unbiased information and support during this time.

    Members of our Parent Network are available to meet with other families over the phone or through home visits, at Early Intervention Centre playgroups, family POD group picnics and other activities, or in your community.

    “Unbiased Guidance to Empower Families”

    One of our Support Parents explains her role: “Three of my four children were all diagnosed with a profound hearing loss through the Newborn Hearing Screening.  I am there to provide that listening ear, to reassure parents that their children can do anything others kids can do.

    “I try to provide unbiased guidance to families so they can make their own choices and I encourage parents to understand the importance of early intervention, and developing language and communication skills. We also discuss all the support they will receive and the opportunities they have to meet other parents through early intervention playgroups and the Parents of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children (POD) Groups.”

    “Every family’s journey is different”

    Photo of two young boys laughing togetherA mum who has accessed Deaf Children Australia’s Parent to Parent Programs explains how her family’s journey changed after connecting up with a Support Parent:

    “My son’s hearing loss was identified at the Newborn Hearing Screening test. At about 8 weeks old, he was fitted with hearing aids.

    We just kept plodding along from one specialist to the next but there were some defining moments on our journey – like when an audiologist organised a Support Parent to ring me. Finally someone understood exactly what I had been through.

    Importantly, speaking to another parent normalised everything for me. I had a sense of belonging.”

    With the right supports, young people who are deaf or hard of hearing can pursue their goals and do anything others can.

    Contact Us

    Anyone can access our services without the need for a referral. If you live in Victoria and would like to chat to a Support Parent or find out more about the Parent to Parent program, please contact us or see the below flyer.

    Email: helpline@deafchildren.org.au

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/DeafChildrenAustralia

    Phone: 1800 645 916

    If you live in Queensland, please go to our Queensland Services page for more information.

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