Dateline Story on Ugandans Learning to Sign

Patrick Otema is 15-years-old and has never had a conversation. He’s one of the two per cent of Ugandans who are deaf, but now a determined group of sign language teachers is helping youngsters like him to break their silence.

The Dateline producer told DCA that they will be telling their story on the Dateline international current affairs program on SBS tomorrow evening, 18 August, and they think it’s a report you’ll be interested in seeing.

Previously deaf people in rural Uganda have had little access to specialised education and have often been ostracised and abused in their communities, but their program follows the efforts to change that and meets some of the young people who can now finally communicate properly.

“In the past I was also like him,” sign language teacher Raymond Okkelo tells us. “I couldn’t use sign language, the only thing I could do was hide in fear.”

You can find out more about the story on their website.

They are using the hashtag ‪#‎DatelineSBS‬ on Twitter, and said please feel free to tweet along during the show and add your voice to the conversation between 9.30pm and 10pm Sydney/Melbourne time tomorrow, 18 August.

Click for more info and to see some clips.

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