Current Initiatives

Deaf Children Australia seeks to support deaf and hard of hearing children, young people and their families through a range of projects and partnerships with other groups or organisations. Below are some of the current or ongoing initiatives DCA is supporting or participating in. For more information on each initiative and DCA’s involvement, please see specific project pages. To enquire about DCA support or partnerships in community initiatives, please contact

YMCA Youth Parliament

Deaf Children Australia and YMCA Victoria have announced a partnership, beginning with the formation of a Deaf Team to join the Youth Parliament initiative. A total of twenty teams with six participants each will receive training in public speaking and leadership skills at camp at Lake Dewar Lodge YMCA, as they research issues that they feel strongly about. From this research, the teams will work together to make a Bill, and debate this in Victorian Parliament. The training weekend will be held from 26 – 28 May and the week long residential camp, including 3 days of debate in Parliament House, will be from 2 – 7 July.

Follow our Deaf Team as they.
Find more information on the Deaf Team and their Bill proposal on the YMCA Youth Parliament page!

Auslan for Families

Auslan for Families classes are held at DCA and provide the opportunity for families to learn together alongside others like them.

Auslan for Families aims to empower deaf/hard of hearing children and their families by providing the opportunity to build Australian Sign Language (Auslan) skills together. Your deaf/hard of hearing children will be able to learn together with their siblings, other family members and yourselves in a safe, supportive environment where everyone can communicate equally. Classes are held over school terms and are onsite at DCA.

See more on our Auslan for Families page!

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