Concentration Fatigue and Its Effects


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    A diagnosis of hearing loss does not just affect a child’s hearing. One major issue associated with deafness is concentration fatigue, where the child gets exhausted from trying so hard to hear all day. In 2013, the American Journal of Audiology published a study on the effects of hearing loss on fatigue, with school-aged children with hearing loss experiencing significantly more fatigue than those without.

    Ian Noon’s article for The Limping Chicken, The impact of concentration fatigue should be factored in, explores this idea. Ian describes being attentive as a deaf person as “like doing jigsaws, Scrabble and Sudoku all at once”. The impact of this on children is tremendous, leading to severe fatigue as indicated in the study. Ian explains the importance of compensating for this fatigue in young children, both in and out of the classroom.

    Click here to read a brief overview of the study, or here to view the original Limping Chicken article.

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