Deaf Children Australia encourages all families, regardless of their preferred communication method, to consider the introduction of sign language and visual communication techniques as a natural enhancement to your child’s language development. Children who are deaf or hard of hearing can benefit from a holistic approach and can become naturally adept at communicating with or without hearing aids or cochlear implants.

CommuniCate is a comprehensive range of resources that guides and empowers parents as they teach their infants or preschool children language/s.  It provides families with the opportunity to learn Auslan in their own home, in a supportive and accessible format.

We encourage you to get all your family involved in developing strong pathways for effective and meaningful communication by using CommuniCate to tell stories, play games and learn to sign.  The illustrated character of a young deaf girl called Cate, along with her family and friends, will guide you on your journey.

Families could be eligible for Better Start funding to purchase this resource. Go to to check your eligibility.

View the CommuniCate flyer, read the story of why Michelle wanted her whole family to learn Auslan and view the YouTube clip ‘CommuniCate – the Key to Our Journey’ showing Michelle’s family using the kit. Go to our online shop to purchase.

This resource has been developed by Deaf Children Australia with permission from the National Deaf Children’s Society in the UK and with the financial support of Queensland Health.

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