Call For More Auslan Swimming Teachers In Victoria


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    Auslan swimming lessons have recently been discussed in the media. For many deaf and hard of hearing children, classes in Auslan are a way for them to communicate and learn safely in the water. An article was posted on the ABC website featuring comments from Aquatics and Recreation Victoria chief executive Andrew McIntosh, who referred to Auslan lessons as “a rich vein of demand”. He encouraged those with Auslan skills to get involved and to undertake swim instructor qualifications so that more accessible services can be provided.caseyracelogo

    In Victoria, Casey RACE in Cranbourne and Northcote Aquatic Centre in Northcote offer swimming lessons by instructors who use Auslan. If you know of another centre offering classes in Auslan, please email and let us know about it!

    Read the article on the ABC website, and the original article about the benefits of Auslan swim classes. To view positions available from YMCA Victoria, see their careers centre.

    To express interest in classes, contact details as follows:
    Northcote YMCA:
    Casey RACE, Cranbourne:

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