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    Australian Hearing have written an article on children who are deaf/hard of hearing and their experiences of bullying at school, and what parents can do to help support their child in these circumstances. Bullying is a horrible situation for any child to experience but children who are deaf or hard of hearing may sometimes be targeted, especially if they wear hearing aids or have a cochlear implant.

    Tips include:

    • Working with your child’s school to educate and inform teachers and students about deafness and promote acceptance/inclusion
    • Providing a safe, supportive home environment to encourage talking about any bullying that my occur
    • Being aware of your child’s school bullying policy and checking its relevance for deaf/hard of hearing children

    Read the full article with its tips on the Australian Hearing website.

    Sometimes supporting teachers, particularly in mainstream schools, with additional information about hearing loss and its effects can help to ensure children are adequately supported at school, both in and out of the classroom. Are You Being Heard? is a guidebook developed by DCA and the Deafness Foundation covering deaf students in the classroom, their learning needs and how to ensure they are included socially with their peers. This can be distributed to teachers to help them understand your child’s hearing loss and to help them support your child at school when issues like bullying arise. Click the button below to download Are You Being Heard?. This PDF is free to use and distribute.

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