Auslan for Families aims to empower deaf/hard of hearing children and their families by providing the opportunity to build Australian Sign Language (Auslan) skills together. Your deaf/hard of hearing children will be able to learn together with their siblings, other family members and yourselves in a safe, supportive environment where everyone can communicate equally. Supervised recreation is provided for the children for around an hour, during which time they will have the opportunity to practise their Auslan informally and have fun with friends. The children will also join the adults for part of each class so everyone has the chance to learn together.

Auslan for Families classes are held at DCA and provide the opportunity for families to learn together alongside others like them.

Classes are held at Fenton Hall at Deaf Children Australia.
597 St Kilda Rd Melbourne
Enter DCA car park from High Street. Fenton Hall is next to the car park and Tradeblock Café.

Email to learn more or to express your interest.

“Our child was late diagnosed so we had to make choices about whether he went to a hearing school or we had the family support. So we haven’t been able to access family support and we have missed out on a lot. The Auslan classes have been amazing for us and a wonderful benefit for families. The sibling issues are a top priority for us as well – we need support for them and recreation programs so the deaf children, siblings and families can get together.”

– Camilla, Malachi’s mum

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