Youth Grants: Aimee’s Teaching Goals

Aimee Williams is one of Deaf Children Australia’s 2014 Youth Grant recipients and Youth Ambassadors. The grant Aimee received will go towards helping her complete two TAFE courses and then progress to university so she can achieve her goal of working with deaf and hard of hearing children. Below she shares her story.

As a profoundly deaf person with a Cochlear Implant, I have experienced a lot growing up with this disability. I have a passion to help and give something back to the community and share what I have experienced. My dream is to teach hard of hearing children because I am profoundly deaf and understand what they go through. When I was in primary school I always wished there was an older person that I could have asked for help. The advice would have been invaluable, as they would have understood how difficult it was.

At the start of high school it was very hard for me, I used to try and avoid Mini (my hearing facility teacher) as I didn’t want to go to the hearing facility and I thought because I was deaf I wouldn’t have any friends. About 3 weeks into the term some students started to ask me why I was going out of class all the time (to facility to see Mini)…… I realised that they didn’t even know I was deaf and had a Cochlear Implant. When I told them they all freaked but it gave me the confidence that people would accept me for who I was and that I wouldn’t be defined by my disability.
I want to inspire young hearing impaired people and give them the help and support so they have the confidence to become all they want to be and not let their disability define them. In order to do this I need to work in the area. I have completed a variety of different work placements and now realise this is my passion. My project is centred on me completing my year 12 VCAL and my two TAFE courses (Cert III Child Services and Cert III Disability Work) which will give me the appropriate qualifications to apply for university to study a Diploma in Childrens’ Services.

Before I go I quickly wanted to share with you a funny thing my 6 year old little sister Matilda said to me recently:
She told me that we both have “Super Powers”. Matilda says that she wears glasses which give her super powers for her to see properly and I wear a Cochlear Implant which gives me super powers so I can hear properly. I wish we could all think positively like that……..!!!

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