Farewell to Geoff Manton after 18 Years


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    Executive General Manager Geoff Manton at his farewell morning tea

    After eighteen years of exceptional dedication and commitment to Deaf Children Australia and our mission, Executive General Manager, Geoff Manton is leaving the DCA family today to take up an exciting new CEO role with Northern Support Services, which provides support to people with a disability and their families.

    As DCA’s CEO Dean Barton-Smith said, “This is a great opportunity for Geoff to advance his professional career. His time, experience and talent will be highly valued in this organisation.

    “I know that the all of us will greatly miss Geoff’s presence within DCA given he has been involved with DCA for 18 years! Geoff has seen this organisation evolve in many ways over that time including leading in a number of initiatives as well as providing high level support whilst in WA. Congratulations Geoff on your new role as CEO of Northern Support Services.”

    DCA’s Fundraising and Development Manager Noel Henderson added: “Geoff has been instrumental in developing Sign For Work and many other DCA services over the past 18 years. He has shown extraordinary commitment, even moving his whole family to Western Australia to help out the WA Deaf Society and DCA. He has always been a great friend and we are going to miss him.”

    DCA Accountant Julie Chaplin summed up how we feel when she added, “I have worked with you for over ten years Geoff. I just want to acknowledge what an amazing manager you are and to acknowledge your skills… but it’s more than that. You have that perfect mix of professionalism and compassion. Thank you for everything.”

    At his farewell morning tea, Geoff explained, “This has been more than a job. It has been a place where I have journeyed with so many people through so many circumstances and it’s been a privilege. I thought I would be here for 18 months – that was my contract originally to start up Sign For Work. So I have got an extra year for every month I signed up for. The hardest thing for me is leaving this wonderful group of people at DCA and it has been lovely to really get to know and be part of the Deaf community. Working around Australia and with so many parts of the community – which is very embracing – has been wonderful. My new role at Northern Support Services is a fantastic career opportunity – but it’s not so much goodbye as see you round.”

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