ABCME Featuring Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children in ‘Meet Me’


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    Shae on ABC MeetMe

    It was great to work with ABC ME who wanted to feature deaf and hard of hearing children in their Meet Me episodes to increase the diversity of the children they represented. Check out these fantastic clips starring Victorian College for the Deaf students Eizar, Izzy, Meyra, Shae, Yumi and Zara who sign and speak about their families, their pets and their lives. The episodes are available on Iview.

    Or if you are an early bird and get up early, you can catch the episodes live from tomorrow:

    28/04/2018 6:54am – Eizar

    5/05/2018 6:55am – Izzy

    12/05/2018 6:55am – Meyra

    19/05/2018 6:55am – Shae

    26/05/2018 6:55am – Yumi

    2/06/2018 6:55am – Zara

    Shae also appeared in a News to Me episode and did a great job!

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