A Mum’s Sign of Support

We were recently sent this gorgeous picture of Geelong mum Stacey with her daughter Georgia and best friend – and they’ve all got hearing aids! Except Stacey’s is a little different – when Georgia struggled to accept her hearing aids, Stacey decided to get one tattooed to share the experience and help her daughter feel more confident wearing them.

Stacey says, “I simply got my tattoo last month because my little girl Georgia has been having a hard time accepting her hearing aids again. I’ve done so many things in the past to try and get her to love who she is and the fact the hearing devices are a part of who she is. Three years ago I started making her charms to wear and that worked until recently. So I decided I would tattoo her first hearing aid behind my ear along with her name and a butterfly. She loved it, I picked her up from school and showed her with a few onlookers and her eyes were filled with joy. It made my day knowing I’ve managed to make her feel a little less ‘different’. I’m happy to have the photo shared if it brings a smile to at least one other child with a hearing impairment. I love my tattoo and will show it off with pride at every chance I get.”

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