DCA Information Sheets

Deaf Children Australia recognises that having timely and balanced information is vital to empower those raising and supporting deaf and hard of hearing children. We have developed a range of Information Sheets covering our stakeholders’ most common areas of enquiry. The information is by no means exhaustive but rather, designed to provide a basic understanding of the subject matter so you can undertake your own further research if you desire.

If you need further information on these and other topics please contact our Helpline helpline@deafchildren.org.au

Information Sheets are sorted into several categories. Each sheet is available in a plain text website format for translation and a downloadable PDF to be printed or saved. Please see the links below for each sheet in both formats.


The following Information Sheets on Deafness are available:

How the Ear Works (view as PDF)

Recognising Hearing Loss (view as PDF)

Measuring Hearing (view as PDF)

Degrees of hearing loss

Terminology around hearing loss

Types of Hearing Loss (view as PDF)

Genetic Causes of hearing loss


The following Information Sheets on Families are available:

Brothers and Sisters (view as PDF)

Communication Methods (view as PDF)

Deaf Friendly Families (view as PDF)

Establishing a Family Support Group (view as PDF)

Good Communication at Home (view as PDF)

Cultural awareness

The following Information Sheets on Cultural Awareness are available:
Words Used to Describe People with Hearing Loss (view as PDF)

What is Auslan? (view as PDF)

National Auslan Interpreter Booking and Payment Service (NABS) (view as PDF)

Grants and Scholarships (view as PDF)

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